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Observation by Mike Harlow: Gyulbudaghian's nebula

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Mike Harlow


Mike Harlow


2020 Nov 05 - 06:49


2020 Nov 05 - 06:49


Gyulbudaghian's variable nebula

  • 12 inch F/3.6 Astrograph
  • Starlight Xpress H16 CCD (2048x2048 pxl)
  • Astrodon luminance filter (400-700nm)

(116+36) x 30 seconds


Ipswich, UK

Target name

Gyulbudaghian's variable nebula


Gyulbudaghian's nebula

About this image

Started imaging during nautical twilight and ended with the Moon up so not ideal conditions.  However, another quick look at Gyulbudaghian's nebula to monitor the revival.  Can be compared to Grant Privet's image from yesterday and shows that the nebula, albeit very small, is back.

Hope for more (better) images over the next few weeks.

Update 6th November: Another short imaging session tonight before cloud stopped play.  So another 36 images added to the data from 4th November for a (very) slight improvement in signal.

Location of nebula, RA 20h 46m Dec +67 58, field of view in image is 15 x 15 arc minutes with north up. Reproduced at 150% of original size.

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