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    Mr Jack Martin
    Jeremy Shears

    That’s about as much use as a chocolate teapot, Jack!

    Peter Carson

    I like chocolate and I like telescopes! I reckon I could eat that in one observing session.

    David Swan

    Not good for solar, but at least – after a time – you’d be left with a Milky Way leading up to the observatory.

    Pauline Phillips

    Now make a real one…

    Ray Emery

    It’s amazing how people go on finding creative ways to waste their time and resources. The “glue” should taste better than Araldite, mind. Not so sure about the paint job. As a diabetic, I could probably only manage the eyepiece.

    Dr Paul Leyland

    A few years ago I was given a chocolate teapot as a Xmas present. It worked entirely according to spec.

    It was designed to melt when boiling water was added, the liquid then to be used as a fondue-like coating for other edibles such as pieces of fruit, biccies, etc.

    David Arditti

    Thanks Jack, I’ll put it in the next E&T News. But I’ll keep it separate from the cats, as it would poison them.

    Mr Jack Martin


    Just a bit of fun and its different, thanks for including in E&T News.


    Mr Jack Martin


    I don’t think Alain Ducasse, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal, Rachael Ray, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Paul Hollywood, Anne-Sophie Pic, Clare Smyth, Lisa Goodwin-Allen, Emma Bengtsson, Ainsley Harriot, John Trode, Marcus Wareing, some of whom are Michelin star chefs would agree with your comments, me included.


    Robin Leadbeater

    It’s amazing how people go on finding creative ways to waste their time and resources”

    I have to say I’ve done my fair share of that in astronomy too 🙂

    Alan Thomas

    A brilliant idea! Spend hours waiting (unsuccessfully)  for clear skies and then cheer yourself up by eating your telescope. I like it!


    Die-hard chocaholics might like to visit the Museum of Chocolate in Prague. It has no telescopes, chocolate ones or otherwise, but it does have many impressive wall paintings done in chocolate. (Liquid chocolate is not very different to thick oil paint, though more unforgiving to the artist as it cools.) When visiting, though probably not during a global pandemic, you are served some melted chocolate, and then you can produce your own chocolate painting on the spot (or drink it). When I went with my family, several years ago, I painted a chocolate portrait. There is scope (pun intended) for an artist to paint something astronomical in chocolate……


    I presume chocolate telescopes are generally made of dark chocolate unless you want to observe the milky way..

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