Gyulbudaghian’s Nebula imaged on two nights in mid November 2020

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    Mike Paling

    Hi … I managed to find enough “clearish” skies in mid November here in Nottinghamshire to try to image Gyulbudaghian’s Nebula on two separate nights. 3 x 600sec CLS on 6th Nov followed by 3x1200sec CLS 22 Nov.

    Am I seeing a small patch of nebula ? Or is a defect of my processing …. or is it only my imagination??? Please tell me if I am wasting my time 🙁


    Grant Privett

    That’s a nice clean image.

    Could we possibly have a higher quality JPG of the section around the centre please. Its difficult to tell if you have an image artefact there or the remainder of the nebula. 

    Do keep doing the Gyulbudaghian images though, as its always good to see what it is up to!

    Mike Paling

    I have attached (hopefully) a close-up of my inverted image … any good?

    Mike Paling

    I am still getting used to attaching images … 🙂

    Mike Harlow

    Hi Mike,

    Nice images, as Grant says, please keep imaging this nebula, changes can happen on short timescales so the more coverage we have the better.

    I image it as often as possible and have observations from 5th and 19th November which show a similar feature to the one you are seeing.  I put all my images on my members page.  See these two for direct comparison: 5th November19th November.

    All the best,


    David Boyd
    I found PV Cep at 16.72 in an Rc filter last night, 24th Dec. This is close to its brightness back in July before the recent deep fade.

    There was no trace of the nebula in a stacked exposure of 29 mins although the sky was slightly milky and the moon was bright.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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