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    Grant Privett

    Full 10 tenths cloud here near Salisbury. Not a hint of a gap.

    Anyone out there doing any better?

    Great timing for the weather to break. 🙂

    Ray Emery

    Thunder, lightning, rain. I think that sums it up from Lincolnshire!

    Grant Privett

    Yes, saw there was a lot of lightning over that way. Its all around Norwich now.

    Still no breaks here. Think I’m out of luck again.

    James Lancashire

    As per weather forecast, cloud arrived at 6pm with rain/storm from 7.30pm

    Jeremy Shears

    But we did have a well attended outreach event organised by Chester AS

    Neil Morrison

    Clouded out in  Crawley  West Sussex also.  Once the  media start to promote an event  it is a sure fire way to  conjour up a thick cloud sheet. 

    Jim K

    Finally around 2245a view between scudding clouds from West Somerset, near Minehead. Moon now halfway out of umbra so at first glance appears to be at third quarter. Closer obs over next half hour between more cloudbanks showed umbra covered part as a deep copper-red colour. Sadly, I have no camera handy to record an image with any reasonable detail. The view must have been really good from a cloud-free site.

    Peter Mulligan

    Here in Sheffield no lightning, no rain, but persistent cloud in the south-east, set my camera up pointing in the direction of the moons rising, azimuth 123deg, kept going out every 10 minutes from 21:30 BST to about 22:45 BST, to no avail, kept looking through binoculars, nothing! The Moon became visible for a short period from here at around 23:15 BST, out of eclipse of course! any body had any luck!

    James Lancashire

    Well the next one is before dawn on 2019 Jan 21

    Gary Poyner

    Birmingham clouded out, but first rain for ~7 weeks in the north of the city where I am.



    It was a typically British evening for me. Clear and Sunny all day. Then as if by magic. A veil of cirrus began to show with high winds. That was from 16:45 onwards.

    By 19:00 I had 90% cloudy and very obscured skies. Shaking a fist at the skies didn’t help. But it made me feel good.

    We need the rain so we shouldn’t complain. I just want to know. Why the weather changed so quickly yesterday. Did it know there was an astronomical event taking place?

    Grant Privett

    The way of the world…

    Sent to me by another astronomer.

    Hugh Allen

    Wells & Mendip Astronomers held a lunar eclipse observing event at the Mendip Gliding Club on the southern lip of the Mendip Hills. We had superb views out over the Somerset Levels, Glastonbury Tor, The Quantocks….but the sky remained stubbornly cloudy. Then just as the phase of totality was about to end a small gap appeared in the clouds. Our ace, wide-field photographer member Josh Dury had his equipment at the ready and captured this beautiful image – surely one of the few images of totality captured from the UK!



Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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