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    Good morning to you all

    I am interested in the occultation of Mars by the Moon. I intend to take numerical data and attempt a comparison between the evolution of solar eclipses (e.g. 25 October 2022) and the occultation of a planet, Mars in this case.

    Unfortunately, the weather forecast for Italy on 8 December is very bad. I hope for a miracle!

    I am looking for a few people who can observe and then provide me with the images, better would be a film.
    For my purposes I would also ask for any data on planetary occultations in previous years.
    For further arrangements here is my address

    Thanks and greetings

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    Alex Pratt

    Hi Giovanni,

    We discussed the lunar occultations of Uranus and Mars in this thread

    and we have a thread for the imminent occultation of Mars

    The DB and RB are relatively long-duration events, about 35 s, so any measurements from amateur images or timings will be approximations to the high-quality NASA JPL ephemerides

    Clear skies,



    Alex, thank you very much. I would need the images of the occultation, from there I would extract the nmeric data I would use. From my location the weather is bad, so I probably won’t be able to observe the event. Ciao.


    A view from Upper Benefield, Northants, under perfect conditions, with an 80 mm refractor. Some photos and timings close to the prediction for Birmingham. The observed times, plus or minus a second or two were 1st contact 04:58:25 and 2nd contact 04:58:56. Extremely cold with heavy frost. I hope others viewed this event. It was hard to see Mars with the naked eye close to the Moon.

    Richard McKim

    Nick James

    I got a good (electronic) view here in Chelmsford too. I’ve uploaded a full frame image of the Moon and Mars and a frame from the video:

    From my video I get first contact at 04:59:56 and 2nd at 05:00:29. The seeing was pretty poor though. Temperature at the moment is -2.8C.

    Nick James

    And 3rd and 4th contact were 05:59:02 and 05:59:31 although the seeing by then was even worse.

    James Lancashire

    I saw post-occ at 0600 with small binocs through double glazed window. Mars not naked eye so close to Moon.

    Andy Wilson

    It was perfectly clear when I got up just after 4am. Then as I slid back the observatory roof the first bit of cloud touched the Moon. I caught a glimpse of the Moon and Mars about a minute before the occultation, but the rest was clouded out.

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    Mr Ian David Sharp

    Here is a short video of the ingress.

    Best Regards


    Dear fellow amateur astronomers
    I thank you all for the consideration you have given to this note of mine. My sky has been very bad, overcast with black clouds. For my study purposes I will use the sequence taken by Mr Ian, to whom I offer my compliments and ask for one more piece of information: What is the instant of the start of the shot (UT).
    My compliments for the photograph taken by Nick. I would not have been able to make such a shot and photograph.

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    If observers send me their location and accurate times I will be pleased to publish a summary of them in a later Section report in the Journal.

    Richard McKim

    Philip Denyer

    Hello Giovanni
    I took an AVI of the disappearance which has accurate GPS time inserted onto the frames, if this helps. I have attached an image of first contact, predicted for 5h 0m 10s at my location. The image is mono and unedited.
    I will try and improve my images and send the requested details to Richard.
    Regards Phil

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