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    I’ve been working with Alan Heath for the last two years or so on helping him to get his memoirs published. It has been great fun, even if I did have to convert over 40,000 words typed on a typewriter to an electronic format, and scan and edit over 150 images. We went down the self-publishing route as I thought it would be easier and we’d end up with a book which more accurately reflected what Alan wanted.

    The book has three main sections: Astronomy; Nature; and Weather. It is about 270 pages and a bit bigger than A5. The book is a published record of many of the observations Alan has made over the years and some interpretation of these. Alan also gives some insight into his early years, and describes some of the trips he has been on, and some of the many projects and activities he has undertaken, and also includes some local history about Long Eaton where he has lived all of his life. The book has primarily been written for friends and family, as a summary of his life and his passion for the natural sciences. It does have an ISBN as copies will be sent to the British Library and the other legal deposit libraries in the UK; we only had 60 copies printed and had no intention of selling them. If however anyone wants to buy a copy, I suspect it would be about £20 which would cover the cost of printing the book and postage within the UK. If demand exceeds the 10-20 copies which Alan has not already ear-marked for people, then we’d have to get more printed, which isn’t a big deal. [contact me if you want to buy a copy]

    Alan is overjoyed with the book, as am I. It is most unique, and his friends and family love it. It has taken a vast amount of time, but utterly worth it. If anyone has ever thought about self-publishing a book then I’d strongly recommend it; the joy of holding the book at the end of the process is indescribable. The fear of finding the first typo is indescribable too!

    James Dawson
    (I am not gaining in any financial way by this book, just glowing in pride at what we have achieved and joy at seeing Alan holding the book)

    Denis Buczynski

    Hi James, I will buy a copy if there is one spare.

    John Chuter


    What a great project to have completed.
    Well done.
    I’ll gladly purchase a copy please

    Paul G. Abel

    Hi James,

    I write to Alan regularly and have done so for very many years! I would like to buy a copy of the book.



    I am delighted that you have completed this project James. It is a great achievement and a testament to Alan’s lifetime of scientific accomplishment. Alan and the late J. Hedley Robinson were my first friends in the BAA in 1975, and Alan has been a prolific correspondent ever since.


    I would like to buy a copy please.


    Ok, I think we have a plan for people who want a copy.

    Either post a cheque for £20 to Alan and he’ll post the book out. Or if you want to send me £20 electronically along with your address and whether you want him to write anything in the front of the book, and I’ll write Alan out a cheque for the money and print out the address and give it him a print out once a week or so.

    I spoke to him on the telephone just, and he thinks we may need more copies…

    I’ve also listed the book on Amazon, but they take £6 per item, so to cover costs of the book and postage and the Amazon fees, it is listed at £25.

    I’ll message everyone who has shown interest in the book this same message. Contact me for Alan’s address if you don’t already have it.


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