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    Jimmy Fraser

    Back in July 1974 Patrick Moore did a Radio 4 phone-in where he answered listeners questions.

    It was great fun and I recorded it using a Phillips EL 3302 cassette recorder.

    The show lasted 55 minutes and this created a problem due to the fact that each side of the tape only lasted 45 minutes! The easy option was to flip the tape when it ran out but I convinced my youthful self that this was sure to happen during the most interesting question in the broadcast, so instead I decided to stop it whenever a question came up that was of less interest to me – apologies to anyone that was missed out if they are listening now. I have cleaned up the rough edits to make it a smoother listen. In the end my timing was pretty good…I just made it to the end of the show!

    Hopefully the link will work:

    Well, sadly it didn’t!!! At least for the moment.

    Try a google search for: ‘Youtube Patrick Moore Friday Call’

    Link now fixed thanks to the sharp eyesight of Martin Mobberley!


    Martin Mobberley

    That’s a splendid recording Jimmy, especially from a tape that’s 41 years old!

    Your link is almost correct, the 3rd character from the end, before q for Quebec, should be a capital I for India, not a lower case l for Lima. I’ve resorted to the phonetic alphabet because the font on the forum makes both letters appear identical!!

    I enjoyed listening to that recording…’s like travelling back in time.


    Gary Poyner

    Wonderful stuff Jimmy. Many thanks – and thanks Martin for the correction!

    What happened to Kohoutek indeed 🙂


    Jimmy Fraser

    Many thanks, Martin and Gary – glad you liked the show.

    The link now works. Thanks again to Martin. My eyesight is no longer that of the 14-year-old who made the recording!


    John Thorpe

    Thanks for sharing this Jimmy. Classic Patrick.

    I loved the effective but polite manner in which he dealt with the questioner who insisted that the Moon did not rotate. A patient repetition, then, still faced with listener incomprehension, a rapid call for the next question. Also fascinating just how clear and well articulated broadcast speech sounds from our perspective today!



    Good evening all,

    I have just listened to this recording. I thought that the program, was very interesting, and listeneing to Sir Patrick, answering those questions, it makes me realise how far we have come.

    We have seen Halleys comet, the Apollo-Soyuz link up took place over Bognor Regis, and ofcause the Space Shuttle and Pioneer 11 flyby of Saturn, all took place.

    It certainly was a magical time, to be a young astronomer.

    Jimmy Fraser

    Thanks to all for the comments.

    At the end of 1979 Gary Hunt interviewed various space pioneers about the discoveries made in the previous decade. It was broadcast on Radio 4. My tape recording has a few wobbles at the beginning and there is a bit of a fade that lasts for a couple of minutes due to what sounds like oxide building up on the tape head! It soon returns to normal though. Some minor cuts were made by me during the recording because I was not sure that the Woolies tape would last the whole 45 minutes. Only a couple of minutes of the broadcast are missing. You can hopefully find it here:


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