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    Has anyone had experiance in using a sky quality meter?

    Grant Privett

    I thought you meant databases there for a moment!

    Yep, I have used one, but the master must be Bob Mizon surely.

    Hazel McGee

    Hi Nick

    There was a good article on the subject by John Prockter in the 2012 June Journal: https://britastro.org/journal_old/pdf/122-3prockter.pdf


    Hazel McGee

    Stewart Moore

    Yes, I use the Unihedron (unihedron.com) regularly from my back garden observatory.  They are an excellent way of assessing observing sites but the night to night variation from a single site can obviously vary significantly depending on conditions. If you are a deep sky observer searching for faint objetcs they are a good way of checking how likely you will in seeing your target.


    Callum Potter

    Yes, I always use and record the numbers from the SQM when i’m observing. I have a Unihedron one too. There is also an iPhone app but I don’t know how accurate it is. The app developers said they had difficulty doing an Android version because of the number of varieties of camera in the phones…


    Peter Carson

    I also use a Unihedron SQM to measure the sky brightness on every decent night I observe. It appears to produce consistantly accurate results but I’m not sure how comparable the measurements are with other meters.
    Its always better to have a quantitive measurement of your observing sky rather than a subjective assessment. The measurements of my home sky are being used by the Local Authority to deturmine the effects to light pollution of the change over from sodium to LED streetlighting in my area.




    Thank you for pointing out the article in the journal.

    I see that Unihedron has 2 versions, The SQM and the LE version the later consiferable more expensive. I will be using the meeter to asse exposure times for CCD images before sky backround light becames significant and guess most people will be using the cheeper version



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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