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Clive Nanson

I have had an interest in astronomy since childhood and in my early teens started dabbling in astrophotography.  As the years went by, I added to my equipment, eventually imaging with a 250 mm F6 Newtonian.  However, the arrival of a family, work commitments and moving house meant that by the early 90’s my participation in astrophotography had come to an end.

Nearly thirty year later, at the beginning of 2019, I took semi-retirement (in preparation for the full thing!).  With the free time I now have, I decided to have another dabble at astrophotography despite the light polluted sky I have to put up with.  Unfortunately, the telescope and most of the camera equipment I had have long since gone, so it is a case of starting from scratch again.  However, I still had a home-made camera drive that I had constructed to take to Australia to photograph Halley’s Comet in 1986.  I gave it a complete refurbishment and replaced the DC motor with a stepper motor which, using an Arduino microcontroller, allowed the worm gear periodic error to be finally corrected.

I intend to use this page to post some of my new efforts in wide field astrophotography.  It’s a whole new world to me, Kodak Tri-X and D76 developer have been replaced with CMOS sensors and digital processing so constructive comments will always be welcomed as I strive to improve my results.

2019 Jul 14

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