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Dean Ashton

Amateur astronomer living in Cornwall.  My childhood passion for astronomy was rekindled a few years ago when my wife bought me a telescope for a birthday present!  Little did she know what she would start.  I now enjoy astrophotography and visual astronomy on those rare clear nights in Cornwall.

My current telescope: Celestron 235mm EdgeHD SCT; Celestron CGEM Mount; Starlight Express LoadstarX2 guide camera; Off-axis guiding; Feather Touch Digital Boss II Focus Control System; Primalucelab Eagle S telescope control system.

Image cameras: Celestron Nightscape 10100 RGB; Skyris 618C; Skyris 132M. 

Image Capture and Control Software: Sequence Generator Pro; MaximDL; PhD2; SkyXPro; Fire Capture; iCap.

Image calibration, stacking and processing software: Registax; Autostaker; PIPP; WinJupos; PixInsight; Photoshop

Local society membership: Norman Lockyer Observatory; Kernow Astronomy Club

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