JUPITER IN 2021-22

This page presents our reports on amateur observations of Jupiter in the 2021-22 apparition, via the links below.

For reports on the JunoCam images, please see the ‘Results from Juno – 2021’ page.

Opposition is on August 20.

There are excellent up-to-date resources on the ALPO-Japan web site.  The latest Jupiter images are now at:  http://alpo-j.sakura.ne.jp/Latest/Jupiter.htm (and all observers are urged to submit their images to it).  A page within it presents cylindrical maps of the planet in all 3 longitude systems, made by Shinji Mizumoto every few days from the available images:   http://alpo-j.sakura.ne.jp/Latest/j_Cylindrical_Maps/j_Cylindrical_Maps.htm



This year, the Jupiter system is edge-on to the Sun and Earth, with equinox on May 2.

As a consequence, mutual phenomena of the galilean moons (PheMu’s) are occurring this year.  They run from Jan.3 to Aug.30, plus one on Nov.16.  The French IMCCE has initiated an observing campaign which you are invited to join, and posted predictions. It’s at:  https://www.imcce.fr/recherche/campagnes-observations/phemus/phemu#

which links to ephemerides at:   http://nsdb.imcce.fr/multisat/nsszph517he.htm

It’s all in English, although “phemus” is the French shorthand for “phénomenes mutuelles”.  You can search their listing for phemus observable from your location. You can also make visualisations of them using WinJUPOS (Tools > Ephemerides > Graphics). 

Also, Marc Delcroix intends to maintain his phemus image gallery from the last 2 phemu seasons, with images and videos from observers:  http://www.astrosurf.com/planetessaf/occultations/images/phemus/index.php?lang=en


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  • Jupiter in 2021, Report no.6: Bright plume outbreaks in the narrow NEB(S)
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  • Jupiter in 2021, Report no.4: Two impact flashes!
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  • Jupiter in 2021, Report no.1: View at the start of the apparition
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