RESULTS FROM JUNO (2019, Perijoves 18-24)

Juno’s orbital mission continues in 2019; at the bottom of this page are links to our reports on the JunoCam images at each perijove.

Please see ‘Results from Juno (2018)’ for further info.

(Results from other instruments on Juno, as released by NASA, are covered in occasional Section News items.)

FULL LIST OF JUNO’S PERIJOVES, 2016-2021, with dates and longitudes, and diagrams of the orbits:

  • Juno at PJ24
  • Juno at PJ23
  • Juno at PJ22
  • Juno at PJ21
  • Juno at PJ20
  • Juno at PJ19
  • Juno at PJ18
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