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Andrew Ciavarella

I am a visual observer who gets a great deal of pleasure out of sketching observations, so far always with modest Dobsonian mounted reflectors. I get a great thrill in seeing the Universe with my own eyes and am equally content eeking out features of deep sky smudges as I am the details of Jupiter's weather.

I have been an amateur astronomer since childhood, beginning in earnest when I was bought a Russian built 65mm reflector that looks like a piece of military hardware. Most of my astronomical life I've used a home made 6" Dobsonian mounted reflector and I have recently obtained a 10" Dobsonian that has blown my socks off. 

I joined the BAA in 1996 and a love of astronomy led me to study theoretical physics in which I hold a PhD. I work as a scientist in the South West of England from where I do my back garden observing.

Local society membership: South Somerset Astronomical Society

2018 Jun 30

2018 Jun 18

2018 Jun 10

2018 May 30

2018 May 29

2017 Jun 18

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