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Paul Anthony Brierley

My interest in Astronomy began back in the very early 1970s. When everyday, there was "Space" in the news. Be it Apollo, or Skylab. I then discovered Sir Patrick and his famous TV program, and I have never looked back.

Fast forward to the current epoch. And you'll find me, in the Whirpool Observatory, imaging Deep Sky Objects. And the Sun (when the clouds part) Through my PST and QHY5II.

I have an Altair EDT 115 and Atik 428ex. That I use for DSO imaging.  But I also own a Megrez EDT 80, plus an Orion Optics OMC 140 Deluxe, and a Celestron C9.25.

I also have a IOptron Mini Tower Pro, and a Losmandy G11 G1

I like digital imaging. Ether with a CCD or modified DSLR,. My interest is the Deep Sky, but I also enjoy imaging the Moon  and the brighter planets, namely Jupiter, with the Celestron and OMC. I regularly contribute to the BAA-DSS,  Lunar Section

And the BAA-Solar Section.

I also want to start using the Mk1 IBall again. For visual observing of Deep Sky Objects.  

I am currently the Observation Coordinator for. Macclesfield Astronomical Society.

Local society membership: Macclesfield Astronomical Society

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