Jupiter in 2015-16

New BAA Jupiter Section web pages


These pages will be used for posting reports on Jupiter in the 2015/16 apparition. In order to facilitate comparison with NASA image products during the forthcoming Juno mission, we will post maps and images with  north up, and may sometimes show System III longitude.  All our previous reports used the historic conventions of south up and System II longitude, and if time permits we will continue to produce these in addition to the north-up versions.


The previous Jupiter Section web pages are still active, at:


These contain a great deal of material including:

–‘Reference Articles’ (list of major phenomena and features, with links to our reports which contain substantial information about them);

–‘Guides’ (several overviews of the planet);

–‘Reports’ (all our reports on previous apparitions since 2005, up to 2014/15, for which reports are still being added);

–‘Publications’ (including PDFs of many of them).


NASA’s Juno spacecraft is due to go into orbit around Jupiter on 2016 July 5.  For information about amateur involvement with the mission, see:


  • 2015-16, Report no.13: FINAL REPORT
  • 2015-16, report no.12: List of observers
  • 2015/16, Report no.4D: More images of satellite transits
  • 2015-16, Report no.11: A spectacular blink of Jupiter's winds
  • 2015-16, Report No.10: Anticipating the last views from Earth and first views from Juno
  • Reports in JBAA (2016 August)
  • 2015/16, Report no.9: Jupiter on the eve of the Juno mission
  • 2015/16, Report No.8: A brief interim report.
  • 2015/16, Report no.7: Fireball on Jupiter
  • 2015/16, Report No.6: Internal rotation of the GRS.
  • 2015/16, Report No.4C: More satellite transits near opposition.
  • 2015/16, Report no.4B: More images of the opposition double transit
  • 2015/16, Report no.5: Extension of the SEB rifted region
  • 2015/16, Report No.4: First views of the double transit at opposition
  • 2015/16, Report no.3: Interim report
  • 2015/16, Report no.2: New methane-dark waves on the NEB
  • 2015/16, Report no.1: New NEB expansion event
  • 2015/16, Report no.1: Full-size figures
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