This page will contain our reports on the JunoCam images at each perijove (PJ) in 2024.  Since PJ58 on 2024 Feb.3, with the second close flyby of Io, the interval between perijoves is only 33 days.

JUNO’S SCHEDULE OF PERIJOVES, 2024-25 (see link below):   This is the updated schedule, since the two close Io flybys.  Henceforth it will feature a more distant flyby of Io on every even-numbered orbit, and a series of occultations by Jupiter in order to probe Jupiter’s atmosphere.  JunoCam and other instruments will continue operating for as long as they can.  Thanks to our colleagues in the NASA Juno team for the information.

  • JunoCam at PJ60
  • JunoCam at PJ59
  • Juno schedule of perijoves, 2024-25
  • JunoCam at PJ58: Jupiter
  • JunoCam at PJ58: Io
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