Comet Observers

The following links will take you to short descriptions of the people who submit observations to the Comet Section. If you would like to be here please send the Director a short description and a suitable photo.

  • Chambo, Jose (Valencia, Spain)
  • Martin Smith (Cardiff)
  • Damian Peach (Hamble UK)
  • Mike Olason (Denver, Co, USA)
  • Mobberley, Martin (Cockfield, Suffolk)
  • Buczynski, Denis (Tarbatness, Scotland)
  • Bryssink, Erik (Kruibeke, Belgium)
  • Hill, Rik (Tucson, AZ, USA)
  • Hurst, Guy (Basingstoke, UK)
  • Storey, Dave (Isle of Man)
  • Carson, Peter (Leigh-on-Sea, UK)
  • Dymock, Roger (Waterlooville, UK)
  • James, Nick (Chelmsford, UK)
  • Szabo, Sandor (Sopron, Hungary)
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