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Gary Poyner

I joined the BAA in 1978, and served as Director of the Variable Star Section for five years - 1995 to 1999. I was also Variable Star editor for 'The Astronomer' magazine from 2000-2018. I am primarily a visual observer, and have been observing Variable Stars since 1975 following 10 years of general observing (mainly Jupiter) from my first telescope bought for me in 1965. My main interests are Cataclysmic and Eruptive Variables, which I observe at every opportunity with my 51cm and 22cm reflectors from my observatory in North Birmingham. I also use AAVSOnet remote telescopes in New Mexico and Arizona for CCD observations of Variables. Over the past few years I have mentored a number of observers in the UK and abroad in the art of VS observing, and I give VS related talks to Societies around the country. Mentoring and talking to clubs about different aspects of Variable Stars is something I greatly enjoy, and get lots of personal satisfaction from. On the local society side of things, I was a junior member at the Birmingham AS in the early 1970's, past President of Wolverhampton AS and am currently chairman of the Heart of England AS, where I have been a member for over 40 years.

Local society membership: Heart of England AS


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