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Alan Thomas

I got hooked on astronomy aged 10 in 1958, inspired by Sputnik and Patrick Moore. I have been dabbling ever since. I built my first telescope, a 100mm reflector by Ottway in kit form, in 1959 and it is still operational. I am now the (self-appointed) Director of Norbreck Observatory, which operates intermittently from a tool-shed in my garden in urban Cheshire. My main instrument is a 200mm Dob, but I also enjoy naked-eye observation and using my trusty 7x50 Pentax binos. I still find there is so much to learn and enjoy - even though the British weather is as unhelpful as ever. I also like the challenge of seeing what can be done in the way of observing with the minimum of equipment - I try to 'keep it simple'! The purchase in 2021of a Unistellar eQuinox EVscope - a classic example of combining a complex interior with a simple exterior - has propelled me into the world of DSO observing and imaging, a relatively novel experience that I am enjoying hugely. Small is Beautiful!

Local society membership: SPA

2020 Jun 3


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